Happiness and Non-Work Related Goals

If your life lacks happiness and you have no sense of purpose beyond work some time maybe soon, maybe later, you will hit a wall where you will stand with either your back against the wall or your nose pushed into it wondering ‘What happened? How come my health is not good? How come I feel so unhappy?’

To avoid this experience you need to choose to prepare ahead of time to avoid a life that has no sense of purpose beyond work by making sure of the following:



Make sure you have more than financial, material, career and work based goals that you review daily. In your goal achievement action steps (that you write in your day planner) make sure you have spiritual, family/friendship and physical goals to achieve each day.

For example, make an appointment each day with yourself like you would with a business client:

* To do some spiritual reading from books like these.

* To enjoy a conversation with your spouse or a close friend.

* To get out and enjoy a walk in the fresh air.




Put these spiritual, family/friendship and physical goals in your day planner weeks ahead so you plan your work day around it. Make sure you always have your day planner on hand when you make any new appointments so you avoid a conflicting personal commitment with a business appointment.




Review your non-career, non-work, non-financial goals daily along with all your other goals. Remember to celebrate each goal you achieve.


You can learn simple steps to organize your non-work goals by reading this goal setting article

You can get free goal setting cards via this link 

All of us want to be happy so take good care of all your needs so you feel happiness in every area of your life.

Your friend on the journey,