HALT How You can Make Better Decisions Using the Acronym Halt

Are you looking to make it easier for you to make quality decisions that impact your health, happiness and stress management?

The German word for ‘Stop’ which is Halt creates an excellent acronym.

H for Hungry

A for Angry

L for Lonely

T for Tired

When you are experiencing any of these four states the best option is to avoid making any important decisions.

I love acronyms but I did not create this one. I don’t know who actually did, however, it is excellent. Is it not?

I created a short video on the acronym H.A.L.T. you can view it below.

Note: in the video I mention research that was done on the ability of Judges to make quality decisions and I referred to two articles. Here are the articles: the one from 2011 and the one from 2016

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