Growing Your Business by Mark Leblanc A short Review

To reduce stress in your life it is important that you attain financial freedom through smart money management and smart business practices. As Randy Gage said “there is no free lunch except in the mouse trap”.

One excellent way to create financial freedom long term is to start your own small business that you can work at in parallel to your current daily job.

The challenge for most people is to find a business idea that really drives them to continue daily doing the work needed to grow a business. The solution is to find a simple plan you can use to grow your own small business success.

Introducing Mark Leblanc, I have read many books on business development and to cut all my reading into two sentences of information I would use the words of Mark Leblanc.

Mark is a business consultant I met in 2005 and he is the author of a 72 page book I have read that explains in simple terms how to grow your own business.

Yes, 72 pages not 720 pages. It is a book that summarizes how simply the path to business success really is, if you do the work. Most people are not willing to do the work.

I will summarize what Mark writes in chapter one.

Number One

Find a business idea that drives you to take action everyday to work on its growth.


Number Two

Find a business idea that offers a service or product that other people seek.


Then take action!

The KEY Words

If you fulfill number one in your choice of business idea you have a chance to have fun while you work.

If you have fun you will stay motivated to do all the work you need to grow your business.

If you fulfill number two in your choice of business idea you have a chance of making money which will be more fun for you which will mean you will work more on your business and so on.

Mark reminds us business owners often don’t need more money they need to have more fun marketing a valuable business or service they provide and believe in. Once you are having fun doing what you love you will have the courage to continue and the mental energy to be creative to find solutions to help your business move forward.

These two ideas appear in just the first few pages of Mark’s book Growing Your Business and are core principles when it comes to growing a successful business.

Some will say it is too simple a starting point but I believe like Mark if you don’t have fun creating your business you will be stressed and you will never achieve financial freedom.

Think about and talk about this with your friends.

Best Wishes,