Grow Your Brain

wonder technique

To nourish your ability to deal with our ever changing and often stressful world and to also help you maintain peak mental performance at home and at work you can grow yourself extra brain cells. Modern scientific research published in SCIENCE and cited by The Franklin Institute for Science shows our brain can grow new brain cells also called Neurons throughout our lives.

When you stimulate your brain, particularly in new ways, research indicates it helps protect your brain against loss of cognitive abilities and increases our ability to learn and adapt and grow from the world around us.

I recommend you get yourself a copy of the pioneering book on brain nourishing exercises by Lawrence C. Katz and Manning Rubin called Keep Your Brain Alive . (Amazon)

Katz and Rubin developed the system of brain exercises called Neurobics you can read more about by following this link Keep Your Brain Alive (Amazon)This book gives you 83 exercises to grow your brain.

Enjoy a nourishing day,