Gourdon, Choices and the Road Less Traveled

As we all work on nourishing our personal and professional success we know we must all make choices. Sometimes we choose to take ‘the road less traveled’ because it inspires us more. It makes us leap out of bed. It makes us feel great as we live our lives.

I was thinking about the road less traveled today because today my family and I visited a well known village in the south of France called Gourdon.

Gourdon France

Gourdon Village Map

Gourdon France

Church in Gourdon

To get to Gourdon you have two personal choices one is to take a car (like you will see picture one below). Two is to take the trail from Bar Sur Loup a village down below in the valley (see picture number two and note the red circle)

personal development

Option number one

personal growth

Option number two

My family and I love to test our personal limits so we took option two – a hike that at its end is steep and offers inspiring views on the way. The hike is indeed the road less traveled.

I have heard it said that ‘what you do in one part of your life is reflected in all parts of your life’. Do you take the road less traveled?

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. I don’t want to take credit for the phrase the road less traveled as it is from the title of a poem by Robert Frost and the title of a book by Scott Peck who I once had the joy of listening to as a small part of an audience in Canada. The Road Less Traveled became an epic bestseller By Dr. Peck that I have read many times. Check it out if you have not