Good News in Study Results: Nearly all stroke risk preventable

A new Canadian lead study just completed that involved 6,000 participants suggests that 90 percent of the risk of having a stroke is preventable through lifestyle changes.

Dr. O’ Donnell and Dr. Yusuf of McMaster University studied stroke patients from 22 countries over a period of 3 years and their findings suggest ten risk factors associated with over 90 percent of the incidents of stroke.

Quoting from the study published in The Lancet here the interpretation of the study was as follows “Targeted interventions that reduce blood pressure and smoking, and promote physical activity and a healthy diet, could substantially reduce the burden of stroke”

If you like to take preventative action to keep your mind and body strong I highly recommend you take action daily to help keep your health and wellness strong. I personally take action daily by being conscious of what I eat, how I think and my level of physical activity.

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