Going on Vacation and how it helps you Achieve your Work Goals

Hiking Vacation

Vacation Time - photo by D. Hennessey

Did you ever notice how many things you can get accomplished when you are short of time just before you are going on vacation? It seems that our minds become very focused and goals are quickly achieved when we have a time line we cannot go beyond to get our work done.

Personally, if I have lots of time to work on a project I am only likely to get it completed when I create a self imposed finish line as if I was going on vacation. So I create the finish line and work towards it. This has allowed me to achieve many things big and small in my life that I would simply have never done without a timeline and it has also made it possible for me to take vacations big and small.

But enough about me, below are three ideas that can help you keep your focus so you can get more of what you want accomplished in life whether it is nourishing your family or creating a global change or simply taking more vacations!

These three steps can make a huge difference.



Write Down Your Goals and Review them Daily

Your daily to do list needs to be based on your goals or why else would you be doing what you are doing. To keep yourself on track write your goals down. If you would like some simple and FREE goal reminder cards follow this link to find out how you can get some goal setting cards.



Create a Not to Do list and Stick to it

Read about how to create a not to do list here



Review your Not to do List the night before you Work on it and Accomplish more

Read about why it is important to review your ‘not to do list’ last thing at night instead of in the morning.


Now, in fact, I am preparing for a mini vacation with my family.

So, I will say ‘bye for now’ and I look forward to hearing what you do to keep your focus when you want to get things done.

Your friend on the journey,