Get Rid of Family Event Stress Once and for All: Avoiding Christmas Stress Part Five

Are you visiting family this Christmas?

At Christmas we often end up visiting people we rarely speak to and the conversation can be uncomfortable. Keep in mind the following tips as potential ways to manage a conversation with someone you don’t know so well or feel uncomfortable speaking with.


When you meet them simply say hello and listen. Let them speak. You may learn something of interest about them.


If they are reluctant to share at first overcome this uncomfortable moment by asking them about their hobbies, work, children, the latest book they have read or movie they have seen and then listen. Ask if they read the review about the latest Star Wars or if they saw it, what they like to see in movies etc. Maybe ask if they saw the latest bond movie etc. (amazon)


Keep the conversation focused on them and then if and when you are ready leave the conversation with a gentle statement.

All the best to you,


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