Future Stress Problem: In what areas will machines replace humans?


Future Stress Problem: How do you respond?

One kind of negative stress people contact me about is future stress, also called worry about something that is going to happen potentially in the future.

One of the current causes of future stress is the increasingly fast entry into our working world of robots.

If you have this concern about the impact of robotics it is important that you become aware of what industries will be impacted by robotics so you know if you truly have a concern and you need to plan a different career.

Here are two short important reference points:

As a fundamental reference point consider work that can be mechanized like welding which is now done many times in factories by robots, in essence, a repetitive physical job can and most likely will be replaced by a robot.

As another fundamental reference point consider work that involves a high level of creative understanding of human interaction such as coaching, teaching, management of other people, in essence, actions that require a compassionate or empathic approach are more likely to remain in the domain of only humans.

I found a study that is worth reviewing especially for the graph that shares information about numerous professions. Indeed, the graph may not be based on data from your country but in general you can extrapolate and apply it to your location as the impact will most likely be the same at some point in the future.

This study is by Mckinsey and Company follow the link for details.

To help reduce stress in your life I recommend you become aware of these work place changes so you do not spend years of your life being educated for a job that will evaporate in the near future.

Preparation is one way to avoid negative stress. Information can help you be prepared, this is why I share this with you.

By the way, I am in the process of reading this book The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

It is very good I highly recommend it.

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