From Beethoven to Picasso: The Importance of Daily Rituals

Take a moment after reading this article and think about the actions you take everyday that make you feel centered and happy and productive.

These actions are your daily rituals and keys to your well being and success.

Some people need to have their bottle of water first thing in the morning, some people need a morning run, some people like myself like to get up before everyone else and read a few short pages of a favorite book. Some people get inspired while taking long walks or long baths or drinking what you may consider way too much coffee.

When you know what works for you (and also what does not work) you can remain more centered and focused on what is important to you throughout the day and get what you want done.

And at the end of the day feel happy and content.

There is a very interesting book on Daily Rituals I just read part of. If you are curious to learn the daily rituals of famous people like Ludwig Von Beethoven, Jean Paul Sartre, Woody Allen, Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso, Jane Austin, Franz Kafka.

Daily Rituals is a digital book where you will find 161 inspiring note about novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians and more. Daily Rituals is a great gift to yourself and friends.

Perhaps a great way for you to recognize what are your most effective Daily Rituals

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