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Is life a bit stressful all of a sudden?

Maybe this opportunity can help?

I believe in Paying it Forward, so once a month I offer the opportunity for someone who has not worked with me before to have an one time 30 minute, no charge, zip, zero, yes, FREE consultation via Skype with myself where I will maximize the value of your time to offer solutions and ideas to nourish your life. Yes, I will do the best I can.  Psst! Testimonials from people who know my work are right here.

You simply need to apply via the form below and tell me what you would like to cover in advance so I can make the most effective use of our time together on Skype. Be sure if I do not have the knowledge to assist you (remember I am not a Doctor and I do not offer medical advice) I will let you know before the call so no ones time is wasted.

You have this opportunity at no charge for the call via Skype.

Hey, if you want to read the fine print of disclosure that I have to offer, yes, there are disclosure regulations I need to share (for example, as mentioned above, I am not a Doctor) please go here

Once a Month (or more frequently depending on my schedule) I will then select randomly the name of one of the people who apply (hopefully you! ) and contact you to arrange a mutually appropriate time for the call.


I await your contact,


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Remember to place details of what you would like to discuss in the email message, chat soon I hope!

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