Free Training on how to become a Successful Wellness Business Owner

Are you passionate about reducing stress and helping other people increase their success and wellness? Are you looking for FREE training to become a successful wellness business owner?

I have listened to Paul Zane Pilzer  being interviewed and he explains in the book (see image above) the wellness revolution is here!

My questions is: are you ready? Or are you a person saying ‘I have a great idea for a wellness business but I don’t have the training I need to start the business or grow the wellness business and I don’t have the money to get the training’.

Have you ever considered that if you have at least some time each day you can dedicate this time to growing your wellness career?  Don’t wait till you have enough money WHEN, in fact, there are two actions you can take now to help you reach your wellness business goals.

NOTE: These techniques work across many industries. How do I know? Testimonials and first hand experience.

Okay, here are two solutions to give you the wellness business training you need.


Get a Job

If you desire to open your own health food store take a part time job in a health food store and use it to educate yourself on what clientele are looking for in terms of service and in terms of healthy products. If at all possible find a job in a health store in the same town you plan on opening your own store so your market research will be in your future market place.

Bonus: since you are an employee you are being paid while you learn.




If you can’t find a job because you don’t have enough spare time to make yourself employable consider volunteering to help out in a store or with a wellness professional in your field of choice. Imagine if you could work side by side even one hour a week with successful personal trainer. You would learn a lot about how to run your future wellness business correctly.

These are just two ideas. They are simple yet they can start to take you where you want to go in your wellness career. Especially if you are short on cash.

Does this work:  I know quite a few people who have use this idea to start health food business, organic food delivery services, professional speaking careers and the list goes on.

Continued Success to you,