Fourteen Domain Naming Mistakes and How to Choose a Smart Domain Name

To become stress proof and resilient for life it is an excellent idea to build a source of resilient income. When you have chosen the type of business you wish to start is is important to choose the a smart domain name.

One way to choose a smart domain name is to first of all note down all the mistakes you need to avoid as you go about choosing your domain name. It is the first step to building a business that will help make you financially stress proof.

Seven years ago when I chose a domain name so I could start to market online my professional speaking business The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® I made several mistakes. Let me share these mistakes plus many more to help you choose the right name for your new business.

The first mistake I made when I chose my domain name was a continuation of the same mistake I made when I chose the name for my personal development business. I called my personal development business The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® (after a core principle in my program) so I thought it was smart to buy the domain name That was mistake number one.

Yes, in one sense this choice was good because it offered consistency in my marketing by having the same name online and off line for my business. So everyone who attended my educational seminars knew the website was the same as the program. However, just like the company name my website domain name did not explain what my work was all about.

Then I found out mistake number two. I found out that when I told people over the phone the name of my site to visit sometimes they called me back to say they did not find it. It turns out they tended to leave off the ‘The’ so I hope I fixed this by buying the domain name

Then mistake number three became clear. I realized that when I said ‘Wonder Technique’ or ‘The Wonder Technique’ to people over the phone they would spell it back to me with the word technique often misspelled.

Now years later I know a lot more about how to choose a smart domain name and below you will be able to review exactly what I have learned from some of the masters marketing online.

Note: The good news is that due to the large number of people who have attended my seminars I still managed to generate a lot of interest in my work online. But in looking back if my business had not taken off positively it would really have annoyed me that I chose a name difficult to spell and a name that did not mention what I did.

So here come FOURTEEN tips to help you

Tip Number One for Domain Naming

Avoid picking a business domain name that is easy to misspell for the average person. Anything that can be misspelled will be misspelled. Avoid choosing words that can be spelled multiple ways like holistic which is spelt wholistic by some people. Also avoid difficult to spell words like synchronicity (which I just had to spell check after I typed it).

Solution: Instead, pick simple and easy to remember names. If you offer coaching consider possible names like,,, all of these names I just made up as I type I don’t know if they are used or not.  Finally, if you can find shorter names like even better. The key again is that they are easy to spell for most English speaking people, if they are your audience.


Tip Number Two for Domain Naming

Avoid using ‘The’ in your domain name. Just like Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook was told to do, drop the ‘The’ from your business name domain address. (In case you did not know the now famous Facebook originally was called ‘The FaceBook’.)

In fact, it makes good consistent marketing sense to leave off the ‘The’ in any off line and online business naming plans. Why? Because most people forget about the ‘The’ and search for your company without the ‘The’ online.

Solution: Simply pick a domain name without the ‘The’.  Of course, if you are concerned some people will add a ‘The’ to your business name and search for it you can always buy this secondary domain name and forward this secondary domain name to your main site.


Tip Number Three for Domain Naming

Avoid the dots and dashes. Fortunately, I did not make the mistake of buying a domain name with a dash ‘-‘ or a dot ‘.’ between the keywords in my website address. Why? Because most people again seem to forget about the ‘-‘ or the ‘.’ in the name or if it is multiple words they can easily forget where exactly in the series of words the ‘- ‘ or the ‘.’ is located. Maybe it is just me but I just cringe when I hear on the radio or see on TV a website address that includes three words and there is a dash between first two of the words and a dot between the second two. I think the marketing person must have been playing a joke and no one picked up on it. As a listener or viewer of these types of names I get the name at first then after a few minutes, it gets all mixed up in my mind.

Solution: Simple and clear is best. Pick a website address short precise and if at all possible just a few short words that even when they are read together make it easy for the listener as well as the viewer to remember. Great examples of domain names include, and Microsoft.

Tip Number Four for Domain Naming

Not everyone may agree with me on this but I am still a believer that once you have chosen a smart business name you must buy the .com version. Even if you want to make it a country focused site confirm you can buy the .com first then invest in the .ca or .fr or .de country name. In fact, check that both are available at the same time and buy them at the same time. Why? Because you know if someone is going to hear your name even if it is easy to remember like there is a chance that people will simply type in leading them to a possible competitor.

Solution: Buy the .com and the country domain name you want at the same time. Consider also buying some of the other .endings like .org or .net etc if you think you will want to use them in the future or if you think someone is going to try and grab some of your online traffic by having a similar name as your.


Tip Number Five for Domain Naming

Avoid choosing a domain name that will limit your future wellness business activities. This can happen when you choose a .fr name because you only want to do business in France and then you find out people in England want your online services and products too but they are reluctant to go to a .fr site since they believe it will only be written in French.

Solution: Buy the .com as well as other potential country domain name so you have room to grow. It is typically a small additional monetary investment.


Tip Number Six for Domain Naming

Avoid missing out on the opportunity to buy your own name as a .com domain name. Just in case you ever want to use it. In fact, I have a friend Matt who very wisely on the birth of his children bought the domain names matching his children’s first name and family name. His last family name is quite common so for the small investment he made a wise choice for his children’s future. Why is it important to buy your own name as a domain name? Because as you grow your business your name might end up being part of your brand and if people search for your name you want them to end up directed back to your business site again.

Solution: Buy your own name as domain name if it is still available and re direct it to your main business website. Also, consider buying other family member’s domain names too for future family projects.


Tip Number Seven for Domain Naming

Avoid forgetting about future business plans. Perhaps right now you are low on funds and your business is just starting out so you are not thinking about business expansion. But with the low price of buying a domain name it is worth considering your future business plans. For example, one client of mine is setting up a wellness business in the south of France and has already looked at the market in other regions. She has already purchased the complementary domain names in other areas for a small investment allowing her the option of future growth while maintaining a consistent business name brand.

Solution: Consider future growth and consider domain names you may use and make a small investment. For example, if you have just bought consider too!


Seven More domain naming mistakes include often made include:

* Missing the difference between singular and plural versions of your business name

* Missing keyword naming opportunities

* The mistake of using numbers in your domain name

* The mistake of using symbols in your domain name

* The mistake of using the latest trends or using slang words to inspire the choice of your domain name

* The mistake of missing browser search friendly or type in traffic domain names

* The mistake of using domain names that are difficult to type or the mistake of choosing a domain name that is difficult to brand.

Overall, when you choose a domain name for your business or when you are simply choosing a domain name for an additional business site it is an important task and something you don’t want to look back on and have regret.

Believe it, there are people who have made a fortune from choosing the right domain name. David Kesmodel in his book The Domain Game (amazon) talks about, for example, how a high school dropout become a multimillionaire from investing in domain names.

Continued Success to you,