Four Tips on How to Protect you Skin

Did you know that fresh, glowing skin is a very good signal of the health of the body it covers?

This is true. If your skin is fresh and beautiful without the use of cosmetic coverage you can be reassured that your body’s largest organ is performing easily its job of absorbing substances, expelling toxins and maintaining the body’s water and temperature balance.

Due to the fact that I have many wonderful friends like clinical nutritionist Patricia T I have learned a few tips I can share with you to help maintain the beauty and function of your skin.


Keep Fiber and water in your diet

This will help the bowels and kidneys expel toxins efficiently so the body is not forced to send toxins out through the skin due to toxic overload caused by problems like constipation. Seek medical advice about how to introduce fiber into your diet and see these ten reasons why water is important. Also, here is a review on water bottles so you never run dry.




Exercising increases the circulation of the blood to the skin and sweating also help clean out the skin.



Eat Skin food

Foods like wild cold water fish, organic heavy greens and Flax Oil all help give the skin the essential fatty acids it needs. Also,orange foods like cantaloupes, carrots, yams, butternut squash, apricot provide vitamin A and C important for healthy skin.

In addition, Aloe Vera like this that is free from chemical contaminants is excellent for skin cleansing.




Plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep are essential for the skin to rejuvenate. If you notice a cut takes time to heal you know you need to re adjust what you do rejuvenate your skin.

Note: Some of these tips were adopted from Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

Best of Health to you,