Four Reasons New Habits Fail

There are many ways to learn new ways to nourish the health, happiness and prosperity in your life and one way is to learn from steps that make you fail instead of succeed.

Here are 4 ways to make it difficult for you to create a positive and successful habit – choose the reverse.


Lack of Focus

It is much easier for your brain to program into you a new habit if you work on changing one habit at a time. Once you have burned in one habit add another to your goal list. If you try to make too many habits at once your lack of focus will help you fail.



Too Much Time

If the new habit will take up too much of your time each day you are more likely to stop doing it. For example, if you have a busy family and work schedule trying to go to the gym for an hour a day to get fit may be impossible for you to schedule in. Instead, find a physical activity you can do for 20 or 30 minutes if that is all the time you have available.



No Personal Motivation

If the habit you want to change is a habit suggested to you by a family member or friend and you never saw it as one you need to change you will not have much motivation to change it. You need to pick a habit that you personally believe will help nourish your life.



No Research

If you want to change a habit you need to study what can help you succeed by studying what other people have done to succeed. Athletes study great athletes, great speakers study great speakers, study the actions people who have achieved the goal you want to achieve and you are more likely to succeed.


There you go, four powerful ideas that if you invert you can use to help you improve your ability to create more health, happiness and prosperity in your life.

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