For all things to change you must…

Did you ever meet someone who to you has all their life together? They are cool, calm and relaxed in even the most stressful situations. They seem to be able to survive any challenges. This I believe is because they believe that the experiences they have of this world are just outside experiences. They have an internal compass that keeps them moving positively forward.

They believe : 

“Your Income is Related to your Philosophy not the Economy”

“And for Things to Change You Must Change”

The above is a quote I have on a little piece of paper I received from my Dad who taught me in his words the importance of the power of how we look at our world around us.

You can read books that inspired my Dad (and myself) by reading the works of authors like Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale.

Enjoy a wonderful day,

And remember as Mahatma Gandhi
said “Be the Change you want to See”