Food Buzzwords De-Mystified

When you are building a resilient and stress proof life what you eat is important and you need to know what allthe Buzzwords mean.

This article de-mystifies some buzzwords:

1. Organic Food

Organic food is food grown without pesticides and without artificial fertilizers. It is food grown the original way in soil that is alive with billions of micro-organisms that convert the remains of vegetable life into tremendous amounts of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to feed plant roots (and ultimately, ourselves.) Organic food is NOT TREATED with preservatives, radiation, hormones, antibiotics or other synthetic additives or grown from genetically modified seed. Organic food is food typically certified as organic by a third party certifying organization. Countries like France, Canada and the U.S.A. have a national standard for organics which are involved with the certifying of the food but not all countries have a national standard.

2. Specialty Food

Specialty food is a new term typically used for animals raised for human consumption in a more natural manner than other conventional farming practices. For example, Specialty chickens and turkeys typically are free to run inside big barns and are not housed up in small cages all day. They may also receive a vegetable based diet and typically receive less medication than conventional birds. Specialty farming is typically self monitored by the farmer and is generally not certified by a third party.

Note: In some areas specialty food simply refers to meats that are not commonly for sale like wild boar, buffalo, ostrich and it may have nothing to do with how the animal has raised. So always ask questions before you buy.

3. Health Food

Health food is a term used for foods that, in some way, are healthier than the common kind of food widely sold in supermarkets. For example, some people are allergic to foods treated with sulfur like dried apricots so un-sulfured dried apricots can be labeled health food whether they are organically grown or not. However, the use of the term ‘Health Food’, in my awareness, is currently not regulated so snacks labeled ‘healthy’ may contain unhealthy substances like Trans Fats.

Reference: This above article is an extract from the book How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively. This popular and inexpensive e-book is available for purchase on line. For more details please follow this link How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively

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