Five Ways to Use Yoga to Reduce Travel Fatigue

A close friend of mine is training to be a yoga teacher so I notice more frequently all things related to Yoga. I came across this article today featuring five yoga stretches to help reduce air plane travel fatigue and since it will be soon be hopefully for you time to travel by plane for a summer vacation I thought it is a good idea to share.

Simply follow this link to find out 5 yoga poses you can do on the plane (without annoying the person beside you!).

After you have reviewed that article (or before) you may wish to read over again the article I wrote recently on How to Reduce Jet Lag (without using Yoga!)

In addition, as Michelle Uy who wrote the article on ‘ in flight yoga’ you can even visit Amazon and check out some of their latests Yoga DVDs (including, perhaps, Yoga for Stress Relief with The Dalai Lama (yes! that is the title) and bring along one of the DVDs on Vacation to keep your health and wellness on track.

In fact you can use all ideas if you please so you will feel, hopefully, more energized during your next vacation.

Happy Travels!