Five Ways to Manage Stress from the US Presidential Election and More


If you are feeling stress more than ever due to the US presidential election you are not the only person. Now will definitely be a good time to use at least one of the following steps:

Drink More Water
Water will help your body manage stress. Need more convincing here are 10 reasons to drink water

Manage your Breathing
As you know when we get stressed we do not breath as deep as we need to obtain all the oxygen needed to function stress free. Read this short article to get one solid tip on how to use your breath to destroy stress.

Walk in Silence
Perhaps you are tempted to take those break times at work or at school to discuss the elections. Perhaps it is a good time now to actually go for a walk in silence and not talk about these events that are making you feel stressed. This short article explores this idea more and how to do it. 

Take the time to Play
If you have the opportunity to spend some time playing with children or just a non competitive game with friends do this to help you appreciate the value of each moment you have.

Start each day with Focus
Start each day with your own form of meditation or prayer or mindfulness or reading an inspiring book. Do what ever works for you to reduce stress and end your day the same way to help frame your life in peacefulness. Here is one of my favorite books to help frame the day.

Your friend on the journey,