Five Simple FREE Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

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Over the weekend I was speaking with a friend who is going through a rough time. A work contract had just ended for him so now he is unemployed. Where he lives the weather is dull. His family is hungry for change and he came to me looking for ideas. Now I don’t have all the answers but this is what I shared with him spontaneously with the hope of helping him change his life for the better. You can also check out these ideas and share them with a friend in need.



Start each day with a Positive Note

Now this could indeed include some music but what I am referring to is taking the time when you get out of bed to write a positive note to inspire yourself for the day otherwise you may fall into sadness. Write down something that you really want to make happen and how you are going to do it. This can be done in less than fifteen minutes. Maybe even in five minutes. Then focus your mind on achieving the goal.

I daily write down my goals to make sure my mind is focused on what I want to do. If you need a great way to create your goals read this smart goal setting article. If you want some goal reminder cards visit my free resources.



Prime Your Mind

It is an old idea but very important especially if you are feeling a little down on life. Each morning get out your favorite inspirational book and read some of the book just after you have written down your goals.

I have a lot of inspirational books you can see my favorite titles here. One long time favorite is the one I called the Most Valuable Personal Development Book.



Get Up Before Everyone

To achieve the first positive step of the day (writing down goals) in my home I have to get up before everyone else. Once the children are awake I have lost the quiet time I need to relax and focus on my goals. So I recommend if there is more than you in your home you need to figure out how you can get up just 15 minutes earlier than everyone else each day so you have time to focus on your dreams.



Get outside No Matter What

Even if it is cold where you are you need to get outside each day and breathe the fresh air. Just take a brisk walk for twenty minutes around your home or work neighborhood. This will help remove stress and make you feel better before you have to focus on your work or your search for work.

Note: If the weather is dull where you are and you feel low in energy even after you go outside I have heard a lot of postive reviews about the use of blue light to increase energy and mood. The National Sleep Foundation is working with Philips to help people understand better the effects of light on overall well being. Check out the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device



A Great Solution

Make sure throughout the day you drink your own fair share of water. Scientifically, speaking your mind and body does not function at its peak if you are even a tiny bit dehydrated. If you are looking for inspiration as to why you need to drink water read this article on why drinking water is important.

If you know why you need to drink water and you simply need a container to bring water with you read my reviews of water bottles for adults here and water bottles for children here.


If you are looking for more ideas you can either check out the free resources I have on this site.

Enjoy a wonderful day,