Five Ideas on How to Choose a Really Smart Business Name

tips for choosing a smart business name

Resilience income: If you are growing an organization or business online or offline to make your life more financially resilience and offer you more peace of mind it is important that your choice of business name is easy for people to remember.

For you below are tips to help you choice your business name to bring you more stress free income.

First a few notes then the scoop on How to choose a really smart business name

PayPal is an excellent name for a company since it tells you what the company does. It helps you pay and get paid and it does this work in a user friendly way.

Facebook is another great name. Even before the social media company became well known once you heard the name Facebook you had a sense of what they were up to.

In contrast, have you ever seen a company name on a vehicle or in a newspaper and wondered what do these people do?

I have for sure, sometimes when I am on the road to an appointment I will see a vehicle with incredible designs on it including a featured logo and I immediately want to know what they are offering. But I can’t figure it out right away even when I pull up beside the vehicle and see a business name like Jean’s  enterprise. I am still wondering what exactly they do.

Yes, I am being a bit sharp here but I have learned in my experience a business name at the top of promotional material that says what you do is more likely to get peoples attention rather than one that keeps people guessing. I believe that if marketing does not catch people’s interest right away they mostly tune out and move on.

Now personally, I made the naming mistake when I named my personal and business development program The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® ten years ago. Since the name itself does not indicate at all what services I offer. I thought it was cute to use this name since it is one of the most well known teaching acronyms I use in my educational system but I know better now.

Fortunately, more by luck than planning, people remembered the name and my business grew but it did grow slowly and I believe that if I had even called the program ‘WONDER personal and business coaching’ I would have been able to grow my business quicker.

So now I have made fun of myself and mistakes I have made what can you do to make sure your name works to help you get recognition for your great work.

Here are a Five ideas:


Place and Nature of Business

Use a name that tells people what you do and where you are located especially if your business is local. Names like North Vancouver Yoga is excellent since people know if they live in North Vancouver and they want to learn Yoga you are an available option. Sure you can call it Sunshine Yoga North Vancouver to add a sparkle to the name but the core of the name gives potential clients the details they need. The downside to this naming process is that if you intend to move to a new area you will have to change the business name.



Name and Nature of Business

You can use your name plus the nature of your business so you end up calling your company ‘Anita’s eco-friendly plumbing services’. This can work since it attaches you to your business activity and makes it clear to people what you do. The use of your own name instead of your location means you can move to a different area and your business name will not be affected. The downside is that if you wish to sell the business to another person in the future your name being attached to the business could make it difficult for the new owner to make it work unless they are called Anita…



Nature of Business

If you do not have a fixed center or office and perhaps you promote your work on the internet you will want to choose a name that simply reflects what you do. So you could call your business The Vitamin Center (this exists) or The Lawyers Training Center (may exist).



Common Use Names

Sometimes you may wish to adapt a word that is in vogue and attach it to your business like calling your business Zen Food Delivery Services. The challenge here is that many people may have a different understanding of what the word Zen means and avoid contact with you even though you could be the ideal service for them. In addition, today words like Zen are really being abused by being attached to all kinds of businesses and services even if they are not at all Zen-like in their operations. Here is a great book on real Zen ideas. (Amazon)


Unusual Names

Now if you are set on using an unusual name then that is still fine but you will most likely need to make extra room in your marketing budget to get people to remember what you do.

Best of Success to you,