Five Great Tips to Reduce Computer Mental and Physical Stress

If you spend a chunk of time in front of the computer and you feel stress instead of happiness you will find the following simple advice easy to apply and helpful:

Tip one

Reducing Mental Fatigue

I have read computers, especially the monitors and hard drives, are machines that give off heat that dries the air around them. The resulting warm air in your work environment can start to dehydrate you. Dehydration thickens your blood making your brain slow down which impacts our mental clarity.

The best way to counteract dehydration is to drink pure water. Keep a water bottle handy by your desk and avoid consuming large amounts of tea, coffee and pop when you work on a computer. They dehydrate your body.

Here are ten reasons why water is important for your health and wellness


Tip two

Reducing Neck and Back Strain

Sit up straight. Keep your thighs and forearms parallel to the floor. Make sure your monitor is in front of you at eye level – elevate it on a platform if you have too. Sometimes a few big books will work! You can also consider a standing desk. Click here for an example of a standing desk.


Tip three

Reducing Wrist Strain

Make sure that your wrists are properly supported and cushioned when you are typing a lot on a computer. Wrist strain does not appear to happen quickly. It sort of sneaks up on us. So take preventative action. Consider items like this unusual keyboard. If you already have an injury Investigate this item. Don’t just believe what I write find what is comfortable for you. Your body is extremely valuable!


Tip four

Keeping your Eyes Healthy

Looking at a monitor a lot can cause eye strain. Practice fun activities like rolling your eyes to reduce eye strain. Reduce eye strain as well by adjusting the zoom on the document once in a while. This is possible in most word processors and document readers. Give it a try. Again keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and consider, if you need,these sort of drops

Also,to help support the health of your eyes remember Vitamin A has another same. It is called Retinol related to the Retina of our eyes. Retinol is important to the health of our eyes. Foods that contain significant amounts of Vitamin A are apricots, asparagus, beet greens, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, collard, dandelion greens, papayas, peaches, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, and yellow squash. Enjoy these sight nourishing foods whenever you can.


Tip five

Get Up and Salut!

Take time to get away from the computer about every 45 mins. You could choose to do a simple yoga movement what I call the ‘Salut to the Sun’ properly called the ‘Sun Salutations‘.  If you don’t want to do this movement go for a walk around the office or home and take the time to fill up your water bottle. If you don’t have a water bottle here is a comprehensive water bottle review.

Keep Smiling,