Fine Tuning Your Ability to Focus with Fun

Practice Focus

Playing with Stones for Fun and Focus – Photo By D. Hennessey

At the beach it is always fun to play with stones to see what I can do. In the fun (like what I was doing in the picture) I teach myself more focus and patience. I like mixing games with learning it makes the process less intense.

When I was a teen I used to think playing board games was just for children. Then I found out that some games really make you work on your strategy and help you develop lateral as well as linear thinking – all excellent mental tools to enhance your personal and professional problem solving skills.

Indeed, you can develop mental skills with video games but my personal preference is to be off the computer so I can play games in person with one or more friends around a table, if possible, outside in the fresh air.  It also helps gives my eyes a rest from the computer screen.

Scientifically speaking, games can help keep our minds strong as we grow older by keeping our brains active and they can also help our children learn to use their minds in a new way. So not only is there a learning bonus but a health bonus too. Here is one link to an article in the journal of Neurology about the powerful positive effect of board games.


Below you will find a list of some of the games I have enjoyed over the years.

The links under the names are to wikipedia details.


Rush Hour – a game of focus and problem solving that can help you enhance your ability (in my opinion) of how you look at problems using visual memory. This game is played alone.


Chinese Checkers – a game for building strategic thinking skills where you have to make plans and keep in mind the actions of the person you are playing with.


Mastermind – one of the older games that is also about using your mind to figure out patterns like in a code breaking exercise – you use your deducting reason in this game.


Many card games like Skip Bo can be nourishing for the mind young and old as it help you work on strategy and counting skills. Finally, although I have little experience with cross word puzzles they are definitely away to work the brain. Soduku is also a great way to work the mind.

If you are interested in feedback other than mine or pricing on one of these games you can visit Amazon without obligation by clicking on one of the links below


Rush Hour Award Winning Game

Chinese Checkers

SKIP BO Card Game


Have fun!