Fifty One percent Changes Everything

Many of us read, watch, listen and even study ideas on prosperity to change our lives for the better but we do not experience prosperity because still somewhere in our mind we are only 49 percent committed to the belief that we can live the life of our dreams. We just don’t allow ourselves to move to 51 percent so the majority of our thoughts and actions are focused on prosperity.


Truly, the step from 49 percent to 51 percent is the biggest step like the losing of the last few pounds you wish to lose on a diet. It takes great commitment and effort but it is possible.

Why is it so difficult? because the majority of the hundreds or maybe even thousands of sensory inputs we receive each day do not support a prosperous, happy state of mind. We want to help someone out and they get angry at us. We do our best on a project and it is rejected…

One Key

One key is to keep focused on personal development daily so that one day we reach ‘The Mental Tipping Point’ and we truly believe what is our birth right to experience – a life of health, happiness and prosperity – is possible all the time.

Of course we need to hold this belief at least 51 percent of the time regardless of what negative people around us say especially the people close to us who do not work on nourishing their minds for the better.

For You

Help to kill the negative viruses and inject your mind with positive thoughts by reading for 15 minutes each day material from the following books:

Here is a Powerful Personal Development Book List


Note: the best time to read them is just after you wake up or just before you to sleep because this is when your mind is most open to new ideas. Curious why? read this book

Enjoy a wonderful day,