Fast Electric Bikes for Sale

When I think about electric bikes I think about them as being pedal powered bikes that have an electric assist. The kind of electrical assistance I could have used while I pedaled my old heavy pedal bike up the hill out of Nice on the French Riviera last Summer during a 80 km round trip to Monaco.

The electrical assist would have come in handy to offset the weight of the backpack I was silly enough to be carrying. I had food and swim gear plus unneeded rain gear.

Curious about electric bikes today I did research on fast electric bikes that are for sale like the wild M55 Terminus pictured above and I found out that you can buy an electrical bike that not only assists you but pulls you to electrifying speeds. Check out the Stealth Bomber that goes 50 MPH , Amazing.

No longer are electric bikes all about electric assistance like the traditionally styled Cyclamatic Electric Bike. They are now about power plus style. So you can get outside in the fresh air, reduce your impact on the environment and go fast to were you want to go.

Take a look at the fast and very fast electric bikes below.

Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Up to 50 MPH (80 kph)

Zero Emissions

Click to learn more about the Stealth Bomber 50 MPH Electric Bike


M55 Terminus Classic

12 to 41 mph (40 to 67 kph)

Limited Edition

Part of Purchase Price goes to Prince Albert II foundation for environment

click to learn more about the M55 Terminus Classic

Prodeco Phantom X Folding Electric Bike

Folding Electric bike

US Built

17 mph + (27 kph +)

Click to learn more about the Prodeco Technologies Phantom Electric Folding Bicycle


A2B 7 Speed Electric Bike

Up to 40 miles on a charge

Up to 20 mph (32 kph)

Click to learn more about the A2B Electric Bicycle

Personally, I prefer to use my own legs but I must say that towards the end of the long day of cycling last summer I would have appreciated one of these fast electric bikes to get me up the last few hills fast on my way home.

Happy Travels,