Facebook Privacy and Social Media Stress

Social Media like Facebook has helped many long lost friends connect which is wonderful. But recently some Facebook users are feeling stressed since they found out that the privacy settings on Facebook did not necessarily keep their personal information private from third party viewers. Personally, I don’t have issues with privacy I just like to know when I don’t have it. The challenge for many Facebook users was they thought they had privacy they did not have.

In response to user concerns on May 26th Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog posting Facebook has changed some of the privacy set up. You can read Mark Zuckerberg’s full posting on Facebook here.  If you have concerns about your Facebook privacy and if the changes are sufficient for you will want to read that posting. It is also an interesting read since it explains some of the ways Facebook made some changes in their setup that actually created unexpected stress for users when they found out about the changes.

Worth noting, today, according to this BBC news release the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says that “more is needed” to be done by Facebook to address privacy criticisms.  Even with the new changes the EFF warned members against using Facebook’s recommended privacy control settings. Apparently, according to the BBC report the EFF still has concerns that third parties still have access to individual profile information.

You know me I am always on the look out not only to help people reduce stress but avoid unwanted stress too. This is why I wrote this article remind you that if you use Facebook it sounds like you need to review all your own privacy settings so you know what is private and what is not. To me that can make using Facebook as one type of social media still beneficial but less stressful and less stress is always better.

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