Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected

Baou de St jeannette - photo by D.Hennessey

A few years ago I was walking along a logging road looking for the start of a hike with a friend in BC, Canada and on the side of the road we found a car crushed by the weight of a huge log on top of it. A sign was placed on the car with words that are still burned into my memory. It read ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

I am sharing this story because on a recent hike I had a similar experience. I hiked up and around to the summit of the Baou de St Jeannette (pictured above). After I rested I decided to check out another small trail near the summit that looked like an animal path. On the little trail I found the unexpected shown in the second picture below. It is as you will see by the third picture a bus stop that somehow made it up to behind the 800m summit of the Baou. I don’t know how it made it there. I smiled when I saw the bus stop and it reminded me of something else.

Mountain Bus Stop


Mountain Bus Stop Two

..the unexpected - pic by D. Hennessey

My whole life has been like this I don’t expect but the unexpected arrives. When I was born I never anticipated moving to a new country as a teen. I never anticipated what would happen when I came back from ‘globetrotting’ , I never anticipated what would happen when a friend got cancer. Plus there are a whole lot more things I never anticipated and after all these unexpected events I now know to ‘expect the unexpected’ and be the best prepared I can be.

This is why I am very proactive in how I take care of myself and my family. When I go solo hiking I bring overnight items just in case. When my family and I eat we eat the best we can afford. I also am passionate about sharing stress management ideas with you and your friends since I believe that it is better to have a ‘tool box’ of techniques that work BEFORE an event happens than have to seek out solutions when things have already hit the fan.

Your friend on the journey,