Expand Your Mental ability Experience Rush Hour

Bugatti Veyron 252 mph

Bugatti Veyron 252 mph

Even if you drive one of the fastest cars in the world like the Veyron  you cannot get through Rush Hour any quicker. But today’s post is not about the Rush Hour you may experience going to and from work or school each day it is about an excellent problem solving game that can help you expand your mental ability. So you are able to manage challenging situations better.

I wrote a posting about how to Grow Your Brain located here. The posting was all about feeding your brain to stimulate mental activity and make it possible for you to think clearer and more effectively. After playing the game Rush Hour this weekend I knew that playing this game is a great way to help nourish mental activity no matter what age you are.

Rush Hour was created by a company called ‘Think Fun’ (great name!) and it involves you setting up the game board according to different images of traffic jams on the game cards. Then you have to solve for the most efficient exit of your car by moving pieces on the board. The challenge gets steadily more difficult as you move through the cards.

Think Fun have received 25 awards for the game Rush Hour.

See different versions of the game of logic Rush Hour by following this to Rush Hour.

Perhaps, make Rush Hour a gift for someone you know.

Please note I bought the game for my family and we all enjoy it very much and I simply think it is great to share.

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