Exercise as a Means to an End or the End

In a recent posting I titled “what is your obsession” I wrote about the importance of being very aware in our daily thoughts of what we are focusing on. If it is negative obsession we may be attracting more of what we don’t want.

Today, I believe it is also important to note that positive obsessions like daily exercise or healthy eating to support our health can move from being a positive obsession to a negative obsession when it becomes the center of our lives, that is an end rather than what it is, a means.

For example, I have met, and perhaps you have as met, people who are obsessed about exercising. They are more than passionate they are overly negatively obsessed. They will even skip eating a meal or be late for a personal or work appointments so they can get in their daily exercise routine. The obsession is not longer a means to an end but an end in itself and exercise (I believe) is not an end in itself.

Personally, I keep a close eye on one of my positive obsessions which is learning so that it does not become a negative obsession. This can happen when I start to reduce the time in my life that I am spending with my children or my wife or my community in general as I spend too much time focused on learning.

To help me keep my life in balance I use a system in my life that makes it very simple for me to keep my time management in line with my personal goals.

Enjoy a wonderful day in balance,