European Union MPs Vote on Standard Food Labels

MPs in the EU are getting ready to vote on new food labeling standards. The goal is to create more uniform food labelling to help shoppers find healthier foods more easily.

The vote has not taken place yet but one thing is for sure, according to the BBC news report, the new labeling standards will NOT be the simple traffic light system with colors indicating foods to eat and food to avoid. This is because food producers lobbied against this color coded system.

One organization who wanted the traffic light system adopted was BEUC. BEUC is the European Consumers Organization. If you would like to see a sample of the traffic light system, you can visit this page on the BEUC site. Once you arrive on the page scroll down to the image with the heading ‘How to Help Consumers Make Healthy Food Choices’ and click!

What most likely will happen in the EU in terms of new food labeling, according to the report, is key nutritional information including salt, fat and sugar content will go on the front of the pack.

In addition, country of origin information may become mandatory so people know where the meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables come from.

We all await now the results of the vote.

As a comparison, if you are curious as to how the current food labeling looks in the USA you can follow this link to the FDA (US food and drug administration site). The page shows an example of the current food labelling.

For an example of the current food labeling in Canada you can follow this link to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Site.

When the vote is done. Food producers depending on their company size will have three to five years to implement the labeling changes.

NOTE: If you have mastered the package labeling system in your country but you are still unsure as to how to balance your healthy eating, I suggest you follow this link to learn more about how to Simplify Healthy Eating Habits.

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