End the Sickness

If you are sick and tired of being broke, sick and tired of being unhealthy or just sick and tired of being tired what can you do today to change this?

You have three options as you work on reducing stress and building success and wellness into your life.

Do nothing – research suggests 95 percent of people choose this option

Focus on trying to change everything.
This most likely will make you feel overwhelmed and blocked so you will do nothing – research suggests another 4 percent choose this option


Pick one thing single area of your life and do an action, one simple action that you have not done consistently before and do it. Make sure the action is simple and does not require special steps.

For example,

Feeling you can’t exercise – go for a five minute, not 30 but a five minute walk around the block. No need to buy expensive shoes like this just put on any shoes for this first step.

Feeling you can’t save – put one coin in a jar, not 50. You have to start somewhere. You don’t need a fancy jar like this.

Feeling you can’t find create a successful business – make one call to identify a new client, not 20 calls. Any phone will do, even if you have to borrow old fashioned phone like this.

Then build on this action the next day and the day after that.

Call this a simple approach and it is but step by step you can do anything.

Need more mental nutrition to achieve your chosen goal then check out these books, then go to the library and pick one up and study it from cover to cover.

I believe you can do it, yes! You can succeed it is what you were designed to do.

Need a quick mental boost listen to this song or one of my favorites, this song

Your friend on the journey,


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