Emmet Fox The Seven Day Mental Diet to Erase that Thought

wonder technique

Did you ever have a thought and you know it is not good for you and the achievement of your dreams? Of course, we all do.

Now remember do not only ignore the thought and simply say go away. Remember your brain is a very sophisticated computer that loves to remember everything.  It loves to repeat patterns of words even the words you don’t want to hear.

When you have a negative thought you need to interrupt the pattern. You need to really delete the message by telling your brain to ERASE the thought.

Ask friends to remind you when you have stinking thinking come out in your words. Ask your friends to to tell you to ERASE that phrase if you start on a negative rant that nourishes no one. Outside help from friends or a coach can really help give you the support to end a destructive word habit pattern.

When you want to create no worries in your life or at the very least less worries you need to change your unwanted self talk.

You cannot plan positive events with negative ideas. If an architect only told a builder on the blueprints what he is not to build how would a building ever be built? Negative information does not create positive results.

Emmet Fox wrote one of the shortest and yet most powerful personal development books in 1935 called The Seven Day Mental Diet Take action and read and use the content of this book to nourish your life. It costs pennies and is worth a fortune to you.

Bonus idea: buy one of these and keep it in your pocket or purse to remind you to ERASE unhealthy thoughts.