Eight No Cost Photo Tools to Use Personally or Professionally

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If you are planning on growing your business or you simply want to enhance and organize your photo collection you will find the below eight tools valuable.

These photo tools are all Free (special thanks to the creators).

Check them out and see how they work for you.

Programs to Change your Photos

Fotor is a free app I downloaded to my windows 8 desktop. I find it easy to use especially when I want to crop a photograph. Visit Fotor.com or search for the app when you are inside Windows 8.

Pixlr allows you to touch up your photos on your desktop or mobile phone. Visit Pixlr

Photoshop Express
A free and naturally more limited version of Photoshop. If you want to make a series of changes to your photos you will want to check it out. I went to this page on the Photoshop site to download it on to my laptop. You can also download it to your smartphone.


Program to add a watermark to your photos

This online programs is very easy to use and you can add a watermark to your photos very easily. An excellent way to protect your copyright or get publicity for your best photos as they move around the internet. The photo at the top of this article had the watermark added via this program. Visit Picmarkr


Programs to change the size of your photos

Easy to use online photo resizing tool I tested on my laptop. Visit Webresizer

Another popular photo resizing tool available online Visit Picresize


Programs to add text to image

the wonder technique

This is an easy to use program to add text to your own images before you post anywhere online. You have to follow this link to get yourself set up. I used it without registering. The photo above is a sample of my usage of the program.


Program to convert an image to a different format

Sometimes you are required to change the format of an image you have so you can post it. This program can help you do this. ConvertImage

You can link to this selection if your like and share with colleagues, in fact, this article helps me organize my access to this tools, I hope it helps you!

Continued Success and Wellness to you,