Earl Nightingale: Wonderful Inspiring Quotes and French Riviera Photos Free Ebook

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I was introduced to the words of Earl Nightingale by my late Dad who created an abundance of success in his life time by constantly priming his mind with healthy success based thoughts and ideas.

Today after listening to the words of Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret I decided to quickly put together some inspiring quotes from Earl and I added some nice photos from the French Riviera (most of which I took) and I created a free e-booklet for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

Update: This offer has been changed since I know am working on a new more comprehensive solution, a new e book on 19 steps to reduce stress and increase your health and happiness plus videos online. See my latest video via the link in the menu above : )

To your Success and Wellness,

P.S. Two favorite quotes from Earl Nightingale

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

“The opposite of courage is not cowardness, it is conformity”