Don’t go to Bed without Doing This

If you feel like you are living day to day exhausted from the fact that you have so much to do and you feel you are getting nothing done. Then here is something you can use each day that can helps give you a more peaceful nights sleep.

Get yourself a notebook one that you will kept. Then before you go to bed take the time to note at least one thing good that has happened for you that day. It could be the smile of someone on the street, the grin of a young child or the hug of someone you love or maybe someone just sent you a personal message. It could be that you don’t have a cold or a headache, note this as ‘I feel healthy’. Inspire yourself to focus on the good stuff and have a great rest.

By the way, if you feel over stressed by life check out this posting on the book So Few of Me.

All the best,