Does Peace Begin Inside of us?

how to nourish peacefulness

Have you every heard the statement “Peace begins inside of us”? I believe this is true, do you? My reasoning is that each day I take the time to be quiet and focus on positive nourishing thoughts just before I get active I find the day passes more peacefully with lower levels of stress in my life.

I know I have taken the time to be quiet because at the end of each day when I review my day I can see the relationship between me taking quiet time each morning and my levels of stress. Sure, this is not hard scientific evidence but if it works for me maybe this can work for you.

Your friend on the journey,


By the way, one thing I do daily to help me start with positive thoughts is I read a page or so from one of my inspiring books like Peace Is Every Step. If this book is not of interest to you you might find one of my recommended books noted here can help you start your day more relaxed. That is, of course, if you need any assistance.

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