Dobble Spot It Review: How to Grow your Brain Play this Fun Game

Spot IT, its original name Dobble, is a game created by Denis Blanchot that is lots of fun and will teach all its players how to focus their mind more effectively.

In fact, Blanchot, a Frenchman created and designed the game Dobble / Spot It to help people young and old focus their attention and a by product of the game is that it is lots of fun to play. All my family like this game and it is causing a global trend under its new name ‘Spot it’.

The concept of Dobble / Spot It is simple. There are 8 different symbols on special cards. 55 cards in total and there is always only one symbol in common between every card.

The goal for each player is to find the symbol in common as fast as possible. There are multiple versions of the game you can play with this one set of cards.

Check out the Dobble / Spot It images below. Can you pick out the symbol in common between the two images below?

Dobble game image

dobble image again

Can you pick out the symbol in common between these next two images?

dobble card

fourth dobble image

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Better yet get one of the Dobble / Spot IT games for yourself or send one to friends as a gift.

Have fun growing your brain!