Dobble Card Game Review: How to Improve your Fun and Cognition

Have you ever looked for a fun game to help all your family and friends improve their perception and have a great time doing so?

Well, with Dobble you have a solution.

Dobble is a visual perception game that works across language barriers and is suitable for ages 6 and up and just because you are older does not mean you will be better at this game!

In our home we play this game that is a race to find matching images between one card and another.

Here is the deal:

* In the game there are circular cards, each card is unique and has multiple images which are an assortment of colorful images of everyday items.

* The items are of varying sizes making difficult to spot when you see them on the card.

* Each card is unique and only has one image in common with every other card in the deck.

* It is fantastically easy to understand how to play but you have to play close attention when you play.

* The game was originally designed to help improve focus and attention to people who lacked the ability to stay focused.

* You can play five different mini games with the one set of cards. One game is The Well in which you try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible by spotting cards similar to yours. Another game is The Towering Inferno in which players seek to get as many cards as possible.

We like it lots, other people say it is ‘great fun for adults as well as children”

Overall, Dobble is a really fun game of observation, speed and use of rapid verbal communication and it is an inexpensive way to train the mind and enjoy great time with friends of all ages.

It is inexpensive, check out Dobble today- a great birthday or surprise gift!

Enjoy the fun!


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