Do this Have that Then Be Happy or…

When it comes to increasing health and happiness in our daily lives it is valuable to consider the paradigm shift away from the traditional way of thinking: ‘Have, Do, Be’ to the new paradigm ‘Be, Do, Have’.

I read first about this shift in the 1990’s in a book by Neale Donald Walsch although I believe I had heard about it before then from who I do not recall.

Perhaps you have already heard about the paradigm ‘Be, Do, Have’.

If not, in my words, here is a brief refresher course on the idea plus some tips on how to integrate the ideas into your life, if you wish.


People who follow the older paradigm believe that if they ‘Have’ something (a car, a lot of money or…) they will be able to finally ‘Do’ something they like (go on vacation, buy a house…) which will make them ‘Be’ happy, fulfilled etc

People who follow the new paradigm embrace the belief system that when we ‘Be’ ourselves and content with where we are in life we then truly start ‘Do’ing what we really like and then and only then we will ‘Have’ all we need.

When you read this you can see the focus on the first paradigm is on obtaining external fulfillment to nourish our internal fulfillment. The second paradigm focuses on first internal fulfillment that that lays the foundation for external fulfillment.

The newer paradigm ‘Be, Do, Have’ is truly a shift in world views – our inner world view.

When I first learned about this idea I thought hmm ‘it is indeed easy to write and lovely to talk about this idea but sometimes not so easy to practice’. So over time I have developed some steps you can take if you want to help embrace this new way of thinking in your life:

Step one

Wake Up

Each morning before you leave bed focus on who you really are in your heart and be ready to be just you when you get out of bed. If you wish post reminder notes to help you ‘be really’ you. Place this notes at home and at work when possible.


Step two

Day Timer

Each morning before you leave your bedroom review your day timer or action list for the day to make sure all you are doing is in alignment with who you are.


Step three

Confirm Alignment

Each morning as you review your day timer or action list make sure what you will achieve by your action (the results you get, what you will have) are results in alignment with what you want to be part of your life.


If you are curious the name of the book I first read about this concept in 1996, it was a controversial book called Conversations With God.

Your friend on the journey,


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