Do Nothing for Yourself to Improve your health RIGHT NOW

Do you believe that doing nothing can help your health?

Yes, a simple, mostly overlooked way to be healthy is to do nothing for your health.

The “do nothing” I am referring to is to simply take at least fifteen minutes each day to hide yourself in a quiet spot where you are inaccessible to interruptions.

Equipment needed: pen, paper and watch with alarm

Now this is how it works

De-Stress, have fun, make it an adventure to find your special quiet place just like in a game of “hide and seek”. The most important result is that no one is going to disturb you.

Sit down in a way you are comfortable (not everyone’s body enjoys the lotus position), set your watch reminder for fifteen minutes, close your eyes and focus on nothing but your life force, your breath.

If you wish, as you breath say to yourself “breathing in I relax my body, breathing out I am happy”. Learn simple everyday tips on mediation in with Thich Nhat Hanh in his book Peace Is Every Step

When other thoughts come into your head say “see you later, I am doing nothing right now”. If they continue to return, reach for the note pad and pen and write the concern down and tell it you will deal with it later.

Some will call this activity or non-activity meditation, others relaxation.

Whatever you call it, stopping physical and mental activity takes great focus.

With practice, ‘doing nothing’ will give you the ability to stay more focused during your do-everything moments.

You will become more efficient and have more time to do nothing or whatever you desire.