Did you know there is Caffeine in your Cup?

As always once you know what works to nourish your health and wellness the key thing is to use your health and wellness knowledge in your daily actions. But what if you don’t know that what does not work for your health is in something you ingest.

For example, for some people a food or drink with caffeine can give them a welcome healthy boost of alertness. For some people the same amount of caffeine can give them unwelcome jitters and make them feel ill. In case you missed the news release this year Health Canada has now approved usage of Caffeine in Non-cola drinks in Canada. I have shared this information in person with clients and seminar attendees but just in case you did not know Here is the Health Canada statement. Note in the article Health Canada is quoted as saying  ” Similar levels of caffeine are currently allowed in non-cola soft drinks in many other jurisdictions, including the United States and Europe”.

Apparently, labelling changes by drink manufactors will not be mandated but encouraged. So if you have a negative reaction to caffeine best do some extra research before you open your favourite canned or bottle drink in the future.

Worth noting is Health Canada also has a healthy living article which contains information on how to balance your diet to  help offset the negative impact of Caffeine on bone health.

If you are looking for ideas on how to Simplify Your Healthy Eating Habits you can follow this link and check out this workbook that is designed to help you do just that. It is filled with simple instructions you can follow rapidly to help you be clear on what is a balanced meal and what is not.

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