Deadly Baguettes on Gout and Gusto

My wonderful wife read the book in the above image and it puts forth interesting comments on how French Women live their lives but without any hard science to back up what is being said.

I would like to introduce you to the author behind the Wellness site GoutAndGusto. Subtitled: An exploration into eating behavior and sensory education which may give you the insight into life in France you have been looking for.

Ana Ilsas is quite amazing as she writes her blog in three languages all on her own. Ana has a EdD from Teachers College Columbia University in Nutrition Education and training as a sensory educator from the Institut du Goût in Paris. This leads her to creating some very interesting postings.

One article she wrote called ‘Deadly Baquettes’ I found interesting since I live in France and indeed, it is amazing to me how many and how much plain wheat baquettes I see purchased by French people.

After our meeting I wrote a note to Ana to find out her thoughts on Organic Foods since as you know I wrote an e-book on How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively. I am looking forward to her comments.

Why not check out Ana’s site Gout and Gusto article on Deadly Baguettes and more for refreshing ideas.

You friend on the journey,