De Clutter to Remove Stress at Home or at Work

Does having too much stuff on your desk or piled around your home drive you a bit crazy? Yes! Me too, but did you know that according to one of the pioneers in De-Cluttering Paul Talbot AKA The No Clutter Guy  many people do not take the time to de-clutter since they find the process stressful to undertake.

I met Paul when he hosted an event in Vancouver, Canada and thanks to Paul and other sources I have reviewed I have been able to summarize below some of the simplest principals to help you de-clutter your work or home space. Of course, the best help would be for you to have a De Clutter Coach help you (which I am not) but these steps will get you on your way.  


Work on de-cluttering one room at a time whether this is at home or at work.


Take everything out of the room and sort into piles of things you need to keep, things you can recycle, things you can sell, things you can give away and things that can only go in the garbage. Consider using, and other resources to turn some of your unwanted stuff into cash or you can donate them to your favourite charity.  

The guideline for keeping and giving away or selling or recycling are: if you have not used it in the last year it is time to move it on.

Tools to help you de clutter your home or office:

Boxes or bags to put items in to give away or sell or donate or recycle

Masking tape to mark items in bags or boxes as to whether they are for give away, to sell, to donate or to recycle

Closet and area organizers for what you are keeping. You can Shop Office Depot or another store in your area.

Large bins for seasonal storage items you may get via or a store near you.

A good book to guide you like Paul Talbot’s Clear the Clutter and Simplify Your Life.

Best of Success to you,