Creative confidence: Turn Your Brain on Autopilot for Success and Wellness

To nourish your success and wellness it is important to focus on daily habits. One very valuable daily habit is to day dream, according to author David Kelley.

Apparently we are said to be day dreaming 47 percent of the time which when channeled correctly can lead to valuable creation of solutions.

Once we know how to channel our solutions we get ‘creative confidence’ and we can become better at solving problems and this gives us more confidence and we solve more problems and so on.

Today’s Tip: how to get into the creative state of mind and how to make use of it.

Go for a walk in the fresh air alone and do not think about problems just enjoy the experience. Note: bring a pen and note pad to write down ideas that ‘pop’ into mind. If no solutions arrive, at the very least you will oxygenate your brain!

Take a shower with a twist. If you ever have an idea come to you when in the shower you are not the only one. The challenge is that what do you do when you have an idea and you are all wet? Author Kelley suggests you have a whiteboard marker in the shower so you can write your solutions on the glass shower wall or window (make sure it washes off! But not too quickly)

Perhaps a better solution would be to have a temporary white board hanging in the shower with a pen if you are one of those people who has lots of ideas flowing while the water is flowing. If no solution comes in the shower, at least you will be cleaner after!

Here is a simple Marker Board

Take a challenge into your mind and go for a nap just like Thomas Edison. Don’t focus on the problem, just ask your mind to seek a solution and see what comes. If no solution comes at least you will feel rested afterwards!

Remember to relax and to let the brain of yours do the heavy lifting of problem solving.

Continued Success and Wellness to you,


P.S. You may wish to check out David Kelley’s book Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All