Cost versus Worth

As you work on nourishing your health and happiness consider how you view opportunities for growth.

Do you look at what something costs or do you look at what it is worth when something is available to nourish yourself?

Jim Rohn said many years ago people get stuck focusing on the cost of an item without asking themselves what it is worth.

Some items like a book on how to save on the cost of organic food may cost you nine dollars but when the book may save you a thousand dollars a year its worth is not nine dollars more like one thousand dollars.

On the contrary, a bar of chocolate that costs you 4 dollars and only gives you a few minutes of satisfaction is often not worth the 4 dollars (unless it is really good quality chocolate : )

Jim Rohn said he bought his copy of Think and Grow Rich for 47 cents in a second hand book store and the information he learned from it brought him several hundred thousand dollars. To Jim Rohn the difference between what the book cost and what is was worth was huge.

Consider how you invest your time and money as to what something costs you and what it is really worth.

Your friend on the journey,