Controlling the Wind


Life is challenging, may I share with you from personal experience something? It is about trying to control the wind.

Remember not to let your emotional experience be dependent on the actions of others. No matter how close you are to them, I have made this mistake in the past.

Follow your own path, be true to what you believe. If others argue consistently or defend themselves it is often because of low self esteem something they cannot admit to easily as it will cause them pain. Let them follow their path and make no judgement of it.

As you follow your path, it is always better to be kind than to insist on being right, as the saying go ‘be willing to close your mouth first.’ and breath slowly.

Remember if you fall into the trap of trying to control the actions of others so they do not impact your emotions, you will be exhausted because what you are trying to do is impossible, like trying to control the wind.

Instead use your mind to sail thru the wind of others without changing your principals.

Be free, respect who your are and let others be. This is a path to inner peace.

All the best to you, always,