david hennessey

“I am delighted to offer my experience and knowledge to help you and your group change your lives for the better. 

I have presented to a wide variety of groups. My goal is to offer you all you asked for and more. Please let me know how I can assist you.” 

– David Hennessey, Creator of ‘The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique

Note: David Hennessey operates a registered business in France. Please ask for SIRET registration details.


To find out directly from David what he can offer you in a seminar or keynote please follow the guidelines below.  

Phone / Text between 9h00 and 16h00 CET / CEST Monday to Saturday.

If I do not answer please leave a detailed message. Thank you.

In France call

06 36 60 16 39 

Internationally call

+33 6 36 60 16 39 

Please note: I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible unless I am deep in the mountains.


Email “My favorite way of communicating is by voice, it is much more friendly and effective so don’t be surprised if you send me an email I respond back to ask you when we can speak on the phone” – David

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