Commitment versus interest by Dr Ken Blanchard

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Are you committed? Or are you simply interested?

Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of ‘the best selling book The One Minute Manager said (I paraphrase) “most people are interested in improving their lives be it having better health, improved relationships, or more fulfilling work. However, few are really committed.”

I have thought about this a lot and I believe the difference between begin committed and being interested is huge when it comes to making a difference with our lives.

If you are interested in improving your health you will, for example, read about healthier eating habits, attend seminars on better eating habits, eat consciously when you are out with family and friends once a week. But after a long days work you will decide you do not have the time to prepare a wholesome meal you will just prepare nutrition free food to fill the void, forgetting to nourish the body.

When you are committed to healthier eating habits you make a plan for you, a practical plan on how you can step by step improve your health. It does not change with the location or the time you eat at.

If you are working on improving your family’s health you involve everyone in the application of the ‘healthy eating plan’ so it is ‘an agreement with’ and not ‘an order from’ Mum and Dad. Then you stick to your plan till it is a habit.

Here I am talking about food but the difference applies everywhere in your life:

Are you committed to ending conflict in a relationship by working on your personal development? Or do you just have interest in the relationship? And if it does not work your way you will move to another.

Are you committed in your career to be the very best (fill in the blank)? Or do you just want to try it out and then if everything does not work smoothly you will try out another career.

Remember: Once you are committed the next big step is to make your plan a habit and this is not so easy. There are many individuals with information about Success and Wellness but there are not so many who know how to make successful living habits in a simple and easy to manage way. If you need assistance in creating successful living habits you need to surround yourself with the right people and the right tools today.

You could start by checking out some of these books and if you need extra guidance you can always contact me for a recommendation.

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