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Comments on David’s coaching.

Positive simple tools to use everyday. I am going to use the W.O.N.D.E.R. technique to work towards my goals.”
Kathie Krantz


“I liked the simplicity of the principals because I know it is something I can incorporate into my busy life. I will incorporate the principals into my life immediately” Michelle Buskey


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Considering Direct One on One Coaching?

You have checked out my free resources, you have read my articles, maybe you have heard me speak at a convention and you want more personalized  coaching I now offer this opportunity on a limited basis.

I coach maybe unlike others. You will NOT simply receive a series of ‘to do’ tasks by email. I am not going to tell you what to do. I am going to listen to you and help you learn how to guide yourself in the direction of your life you want to go in. I can also help you keep accountable to the changes you want to make.

We will connect on the phone or in person (I currently live in France). You can spin ideas at me in search of solutions and we can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. The interactivity gives you increased value for your invested money and my service is 100 percent guaranteed. Yes! 100 percent of all you money back at the end of a session if you do not feel you got your value for money.


“Expect from me the approach that I believe you can achieve whatever you wish to achieve. I just need to know what you want to achieve so I can assist you with all the tools and ideas I have to share”


Everyone from Buddha to Napoleon Hill to Albert Einstein knew that to make a positive difference in the world you need to take action and I am here to help you takes your dreams into reality.

David Hennessey

Yours truly in the Dolomites in Italy

The MOST important first step is for me to hear what you need in your own words. 

If I really listen from my experience during our first contact by phone or in person I will be able to let you know clearly if I can assist you and how.

Then as a coach, I do everything I can with my knowledge and my experience to give you guidance as to what I believe will assist you or not. In many cases my advice will come not from just my university education or extensive research and study but from personal experience blended with all I know and from my experience sharing my knowledge with people. I have found that the diversity of my life experience can be very helpful, also I am delighted to teach people how to avoid the mistakes I have made.

I am not here to dazzle you with philosophy. I am here to give you thoughts and tools you can use to help you reach your goals. As always, what you need is up to you. I am simply drawing on my ten years plus experience directly in personal development to help give you the answers and results you need.

Samples of Assistance:

* Helping you understand and apply habits that create a strong foundation for personal wellness in a format that works inside and outside work so you are energized for the daily tasks of life.

“Very informative, amazingly simple approach – refreshing” Mike Jary

Important Note: It is very important that we connect by phone or in person before you make a decision to invest in my time because I want to make sure I can help you achieve your goals and this I can only find out when we have spoken. My coaching or consulting may not be for you because it costs you a committed investment of time and money. Good news is my work is 100 percent guaranteed. If you don’t have the results you want you get your money back.

The first step is to contact me for a brief maximum 15 min phone conversation via Skype. So when you are ready please send me an email with your name, skype contact information and contact phone number (just in case Skype decides not to work) and the goal you wish to achieve.

If we have to use a phone instead of Skype, please let me know your location and time zone so I can check if I can include the cost of the call at no extra charge to you.

When we will speak you can find out in more detail if I can truly help you. My contact information is here. Please note in your email which time zone you live in so I don’t contact you perhaps from overseas in the middle of the night : )

If I don’t have a solid solution for you during our first pre-coaching session 15 minutes call prior to you booking a session I will do my best to recommend to you a person who could help you.

If you like what you hear during our brief initial contact we will book a time for the paid for coaching or consulting session. To find out my current fees please see the next step below on this page.

My best to you,

Let’s talk!



wonder technique

P.S. Once again my contact information is here. Cheers, David



How to Hire me to Assist You One on One Coaching

The Coaching and Consulting Process: Once we have connected and you have decided to hire me please note the process is that you place your order for a coaching or consulting session via the PayPal Buy Now Button located on my special booking page linked to below.

When I receive your payment I will send you an email with available times for the coaching / consulting session plus some specific questions that will need to complete so you get the most value from your paid for session. (Unless we have already covered this before in a prior conversation.)

Usually calls are by Skype but if the session is by phone the Phone Call is typically at my Cost see note below:

In most cases, included in the cost of your coaching session is the price of the phone call even if it is long distance. I will just need to confirm with you your phone number ahead of time to see if I have a special rate for calling into the country you live in. It is best if I am calling you on a land or fixed line to make sure you have no additional fees and that the connection will be clear when we speak together.

My Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that if you don’t find value in our coaching session at the end of the phone call I will refund to you 100 percent of your payment. But I feel confident you will get what you need.

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Thank you for your request for my service. I will be in touch real soon.

David Hennessey, B.A. (Psych.), W.C.

P.S If you still have any question please click over to my contact page and send me a quick email.  Click here for the contact page.