Cheaper Organic Food Grow Your Own Organic Herbs

cheaper organic food

Cooking organic food at home makes it cheaper to eat organic food. If you cook at home like my family and I do you may have the tendency to add some herbs here and there to the food you are cooking just to add a new or favorite flavour. The challenge is that most organic herbs are expensive to buy.

The solution is to grow your own organic herbs. It is really not that complicated and even a ‘not so green’ thumb like myself can do it.

Get yourself a good book from Amazon or your local library on how to grow your own healthy and nutritious organic herbs. You will never know how good your cooking can taste till you add your own home grown food.

One book you can check out is this one Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs or this one Grow Your Own Herbs in Pots: 35 Simple Projects for Creating Beautiful Container Herb Gardens

Good Eating!


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